29 Dec 2013

Lost in the woods

Trying to find our way back to home, me and my friends, we made these interesting photos! It was little bit scary because we heard some ghastly and terrifying sounds!

25 Dec 2013

Rock'n'roll style

I'm rather wearing skirts and dresses, but sometime I like to change my ordinary style; that's why for this occasion I've chosen to put little bit of rock'n'roll

17 Dec 2013

Newspaper print dress

Bad phone connection . . . but I was persistent! For this occasion I was wearing lovely dress of the same design as my pants from a previous post on the blog "Newspaper print pants"

8 Dec 2013

Newspaper print pants

So interesting and inspiring photos made by my dear friend Bane. I hope you'll like it! We've chosen dfferent kind of places for this photo shooting such as swamp, field of reeds, little boat. . . I was trying to climb a tree! For this occasion I was wearing black poncho, newspaper print pants and green cardigan.

La prima neve

Faceva tanto freddo e tutto intorno a me era coperto di neve!