30 Nov 2013

Snow queen

The first snowflakes for this year in Serbia! Everything all around us was white and it was very cold. For this unusual photo shooting, I’ve chosen to wear my delicate white feather jacket by Sinequanone! It was so exciting to pose inside and in front of an abandoned and little bit terrifying house, built on the hill, at the end of 19th century. The house name is “Vila Aleksic” and it looks like an isolated castel with a big courtyard and a romantic entrance which reminded us of the country manor from Hitchcock’s movie “Rebecca”.

For decades the house was belonging to a rich and wealthy Serbian family Aleksic, but after Second world war the “castle” was taken from the family by communist regime and it was confiscated. Since that period, the house is neglected and completely empty and deserted. What a cruel destiny for this solitary building considering that ten years ago fire broke out in the surroundings and spread over most of the house construction!
My fingers were frozen during the photo shooting but I was really impressed by this place with so rich and sad history!